Online publication: World Chess Champion and Favourite of Hans Frank? Assessing Alexander Alekhine's Closeness to the National Socialist Regime


I was quite astonished when in 2010 I found a personal file of Alexander Alekhine in the Federal Archives in Berlin-Lichterfelde. Why is the fourth world champion in the history of chess to be found in the fonds of the "Institut für Deutsche Ostarbeit“? This institute was located in Krakow in the General-gouvernement and existed from 1940 to 1945. It belongs to the context of the "Ostforschung" of the National Socialists and thus to the broader context of the expansion, settlement and extermination policy of the regime.



Although obviously in need of explanation, the find remained unprocessed for years. Finally I managed to delve into the sources. The text quickly grew beyond the planned short essay, which is why I have now published it unabridged as an independent online publication. This way, all information is preserved and it is immediately available to anyone interested, regardless of location. The result is not only astonishing news about Alekhine's actions and behavior. Rather, Alekhine's time in the Second World War can be told in a completely new way.


Author: unknown ["Pgg. Bildstelle, Krakau"]

Source: O. V.: Das zweite Schachmeisterturnier im

Generalgouvernement, in: DSBl. 30 (1941), Nr. 20/21,

01.11.1941, S. 165 (Titel) bis S. 167, dort S. 166.


After publishing the German version of the study on Alekhine in February this year, it quickly triggered many and very friendly reactions, both in the scientific community and in circles of chess historians. Therefore, I have decided

to make the text available to an international audience and to publish it in English



The online publication is available her: 


When using my research results, please cite the study via DOI address:
Rohrer, Christian: World Chess Champion and Favourite of Hans Frank? Assessing Alexander Alekhine’s Closeness to the National Socialist Regime,
Stuttgart : Universitätsbibliothek der Universität Stuttgart 2021, <> [].





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